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Over a Century of Serving People

Eye Associates of Marquette has been serving the eye care needs of Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin citizens for over one hundred years. Since Harry Hornbogen, M.D. first opened his office in the Savings Bank Building at the corner of Front and Washington Streets on May 11, 1895, there has been an unbroken succession of ophthalmologists attending patients in this practice. They have demonstrated a commitment to providing the best possible care for patients, maintaining skills and staying current in our rapidly changing field.

We pride ourselves in being able to address the eye needs of the entire family. A screening examination is recommended for all children about the time they are entering school and parents are encouraged to schedule an exam for their younger children if there is any question of a problem. Dr. Alice Fecko, M.D. has a special interest in pediatric ophthalmology.

In the absence of eye disease, exams should be performed about every three years until about age 45. If glasses have been prescribed, an annual exam may be indicated. After about age 45, exams should be at least every 2 years, and approximately annually after age 70. We will send you reminder notices as a standard practice.

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